Dec 12, 2011

Time to kill....

Two days in a row... go me!  Now if only I could get that streak going with my running again....
I'm sitting at my lovely teacher's desk waiting for our winter program to start in our cafe-gym-atorium. I've already played with the hot glue gun, ate all of the chocolate out of the prize box and finished my lesson plans until the New Year. 
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I'm still stewing over the fact that secret Santa started today and no gift for me!  Seriously?  I take this shiv pretty seriously!!!!  I want my candle that doesn't smell good, another pair of slipper socks to regift next year and a coffee mug I'll never use!!!
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Okay, since this blog is kind of supposed to be about running, here's my plan for the rest of the week if my 12 hour school day ever ends...
Sunday- 4 mile run (longest run in 2 weeks...)
Monday- Eat Mexican food and chocolate
Tuesday- 3 mile run
Wednesday- 5x400's at 5k pace = 2:25 w/ a 1 mile warm up, 1 mile cool down and a 400m walk-jog recovery
Thursday- Eat more Mexican food @ school Christmas party
Friday- rest
Saturday- 6 miles (all below 10:50's....)

Check ya later!!!!  I'm out like a pug on a super comfy new dog bed!  (Picture to come, promise!)

Dec 11, 2011

Where did we leave off???

Okay, so allow me to recap the last 3.5 months in a few pictures/words, that way we can get back to the *now....
Hurricane Irene blew her nasty self through.... keeping us out of school for a week!  Growing up we always had snow days, now I know there is such a thing as 'hurricane days.'

There she is -right- over us!  Thank goodness for great friends and cold beer at that time!  Did I go for a run?  Nope.... didn't want to disapoint anyone!

I ran this month... actually kind of a lot for me!  I ran over 50 miles this month, including the most boring half ever, but with the best race swag!

It was a half-ironman.... we were in 6th place after the swim, 2nd after the bike, and then finished 5th after my run!  Had it been a race of just running, I would have been the last person!  Go me!!!  Final time:  2:20 avg 10:43's....
Let me add that it was 40* with a constant 20mph wind.... best finishers medal race ever!!!!!!

I ran some more!  Another half... OBX for the second time!  I love this race!  Another 2:21... at least I'm consistent!!!  And races are always more fun with friends!  And when there is beer at the end!  Half-mary #8- finished!

There was a lot more that happened, but I want to talk about NOW!
I am signed up for the Shamrock Halfmarathon in VA Beach St. Patties weekend (March 18th) AND the Flying Pirate on the OBX April 22nd  (don't tell the hubby about that one until the credit card bill comes....)

I am hoping for a PR in both races... a time PR at Shamrock and a PR in fun for the Flying Pirate.... Sooooooooooooo to keep me consistent I am going to post on here more than once every 3.5 months... my plan is color coded and I'm ready to run!

And what would a post be without a pug picture???  Someone is oozing with Christmas spirit!!

Aug 14, 2011

Planning Ahead

As a teacher, every second of my day is planned.  As a runner, my routes are always planned.  Even as a wife, I plan out the weekly meals for the hubby and I.  Its what I do.  I plan.  Soooooo, here is my plan for this week, just to keep myself on track. 

Monday:  Run 4 miles
Tuesday:  Total Body Tone @ the gym
Wednesday:  Run 4 miles (maybe attempt a tempo for the middle two?!?)
Thursday: Cross Train/Yoga Stretch @ the gym
Friday:  REST (my favorite day!)
Saturday:  Run 7 miles

Monday:  Turkey Meatloaf/smashed potatoes
Tuesday:  Turkey Taco's
Wednesday:  Crock Pot Pork Tenderloin
Thursday:  Buffalo Chicken Sammies w/ homemade sweet potato fries
Friday:  Chicken Spinach Pasta
Saturday:  BBQ w/ our buddies (hopefully another prom night photo shoot will occur)

There is my week.  I know, I know.  I'm trying not to pee my pants with excitement.  Throw in the fact that I start back to school after a two and a half month break and it gets even better.  Oh wait, how could I forget my first dentist appointment in almost 2 years... Yea, that's going to be cheap....  There was mention of a girls night mani/pedi, so I'm holding my friends (the two that I have) to it!  My poor runners feet need it in the worst kind of way.  No before pics... I swear on my pug!

Jun 30, 2011

The Pug Snores On

I am a teacher because I get my summers off.  Duh, that's why we all do it.  That and the awesomely huge paycheck.  Good thing I don't have anywhere to be in the mornings right now, because I think the heat is making Daisy snore even worse, leading to less sleep for me. 

I'd like to blame my lack of running on her, however, I am just lazy.   Time to go float in the pool and soak up the sun!!!!!